Professional windscreen replacement with Screenfix

There are different reasons for replacing a windscreen, like not sitting correctly on its bracket, a chip, crack, or broken part or any other issue. No matter what happened, two parts things are always crucial when it comes to windscreen replacement: A proper installation and the right adhesive. Get to know KENT Screenfix, a premium range of adhesive products for professional, fast and easy windscreen replacement.


Screenfix Zero

Get to know our new and top premium product from the Screenfix range: Screenfix Zero

It guarantees a zero minutes drive-away time. And since nothing can be faster than this, we can say with confidence our adhesive is the fastest solution on the market.

  • Zero minutes waiting
    Release the vehicle immediately
  • Zero primer or activator needed
    Cheaper, safer and less labour time
  • Zero clamping required
    Immediate and safe bonding
  • Zero isocyanates and solvents
    Safe for the user and the environment
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Highest quality MS polymer windscreen bonding products

  • 30 minutes drive away time
  • High green strength
  • Primerless system
  • Isocyanate free
  • Crash tested to FMVSS 212
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  • Drive away time 90 minutes
  • Single component adhesive
  • No pre-heating of product
  • Primerless system
  • Crash tested to FMVSS 212
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Crash Test TÜV Certificate

What is more reassuring than an independently conducted crash test? That´s why our products are officially TÜV certified and crash tested! Both with amazing results. See below the crash test after using our Screenfix Zero for windscreen replacement.

TÜV Certificate

Why Screenfix?

MS Polymer based adhesives were commercially introduced in the 1980s in Japan for construction applications. In the early 1990s, KENT became convinced of the advantages of this sealant- and adhesive technology and actively started to work on developing its own range of windscreen adhesives for the automotive aftermarket. The main argument was, and still is, its non-hazardous properties compared to PU.

KENT is still one of the leading companies, offering adhesives for windscreen replacements with MS Polymer instead of Polyurethanes.

Very high green strength

No or limited clamping is required after applying the new windscreen using Screenfix.

Crash-tested and TÜV certified

Every Screenfix product has been successfully crash-tested according to the FMVSS212 standard and is officially certified by TÜV.

Primer-less system

The user doesn’t need to apply a black primer or an activator like he would with a PU. It’s one step less, saving time and money.

Good dielectric resistance

Limited to no clamping is re quired after applying the new windscreens using Screenfix.

Safe for the user and the environment

Every Screenfix product has been successfully crash-tested according to the FMVSS212 standard and is officially certified by TÜV.

Compatible for application on old PU and SMP adhesive beads

The adhesion on the remains of old beads of PU or SMP has been tested and confirmed as being excellent.

ZERO drive away time - with KENT Screenfix Zero

Some information about windscreen markets in Europe

Do you know that there were 43.5 million passenger cars and 2 million windscreen replacements in Germany in 2012? And there is an increase of 4-5% every year – a rising trend.

What does it mean? There is an increasing number of windscreen replacements. Depending on the drive away time of the adhesive used, your customer may have to wait for hours. So how do you increase customer satisfaction? By using an adhesive with no waiting time. This not only satisfies your customer, but also gives you the space for other cars and/or repair work.


of the cars have a damaged windscreen in Western-Europe


per year of total car park replaces the windscreen

1 mio

units, rough market estimation

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